Open-i :Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine(生物醫學影像搜尋引擎),是由美國國家衛生研究院(NIH)下的美國國家醫學圖書館(NLM)所製做,提供最新的文章訊息服務,可以檢索如PubMed下的文章內容或影像,而這個搜尋引擎是由LHNCBC所建構的。Open-i目前提供約120萬篇PubMed文章中的370萬幅圖像的訪問權限;進行了7,470例胸部X光檢查,其中3,955例放射學報告來自NLM醫學史所收藏的67,517張圖像和2,064個骨科插圖
The Open-ism (pronounced “open eye”) experimental multimedia search engine retrieves and displays structured MEDLINE citations augmented by image-related text and concepts and linked to images based on image features.
The Open-i project provides novel information retrieval services for biomedical articles from the full text collections such as PubMed Central. It is unique in its ability to index both the text and images in the articles. The article retrieval is powered by the LHNCBC-built search engine Essie.
Open-i service of the National Library of Medicine enables search and retrieval of abstracts and images (including charts, graphs, clinical images, etc.) from the open source literature, and biomedical image collections. Searching may be done using text queries as well as query images. Open-i provides access to over 3.7 million images from about 1.2 million PubMed Central® articles; 7,470 chest x-rays with 3,955 radiology reports; 67,517 images from NLM History of Medicine collection; and 2,064 orthopedic illustrations.