Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 1-29, March 2022


    1. Investigate the positive impact of in vitro release of growth factors from platelet-rich fibrin releasates (pages 1-7)
      DOI: 10.6966/EDMJ.202203_9(1).0001
      Shi-Yuan Sheu, Ming-Hsi Chuang, Yi-Chih Lei, Shun-Chieh Yu, Yu-Siang Luo, Chia-Yih Wang, Tzong-Fu Kuo

    2. A novel algorithm with sublingual nitroglycerin to diagnose the patients with borderline peripheral artery disease (pages 8-15)
      DOI: 10.6966/EDMJ.202203_9(1).0002
      Kai-Hung Cheng, Wen-Ter Lai, Feng-Hsien Lin, Chao-Ping Wang

    3. Psychiatry/neurology interface: Moyamoya disease in a woman with bipolar disorder (pages 16-19)
      DOI: 10.6966/EDMJ.202203_9(1).0003
      Te-Chang Changchien, Chia-Yu Tsai

    4. Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia presenting as refractory recurrent epistaxis with bilateral sudden vision loss: a case report (pages 20-25)
      DOI: 10.6966/EDMJ.202203_9(1).0004
      Hun-Ju Yu, Liang-Chun Chiu, Yu-Chieh Su, Chao-Ping Wang, Tzer-Zen Hwang, Pang-Yu Lai, Chih-Chun Wang

    5. Exploring the impacts of COVID-19 for expatriates living in Taiwan (pages 26-29)
      DOI: 10.6966/EDMJ.202203_9(1).0005
      Tara Chen, Xiu-Lin Chang, Chi-Wei Lin

※ Cover legends: From Changchien TC, et al. "Psychiatry/neurology interface: Moyamoya disease in a woman with bipolar disorder".